Cruise, Sailing School on Board – Crociera alle Isole Egadi

Louis Vuitton Cup in Trapani


You will live the sea as a protagoniste, with sports and nautical spirit, under the guide of our skipper and instructor who will transmit you a lot of passion and knowledges about deep sea sailing. You will share everything, from the manoeuvres to the destinations for a full involvement in the life on board. There will be also some deep-sea fishing.

You need just one prerequisite, love for the sea, the sailing, and for the good food, we will take care of all the rest.

The deep-sea sailing school is coordinated by the seven times champion and four times European champion, Gabriele Bruni, Sydney 2000 Olympian and TEAM ITALIA RC44 team manager and will take place in the waters of the Egadi Islands, Italy, home to major international regattas, including the Louis Vuitton Cup On the boat you will be followed with the maximum attention by an instructor who were in the milieu of Americas Cup, and by a professional skipper.

Also individual boarding are accepted.

Weekend Course

  • Boarding and landing in Palermo (from friday at 9:00 to monday at 9:00);
  • Navigation area: it depends on weather (Palermo/Ustica – Palermo/San Vito Lo Capo – Palermo/Cefalù – Palermo/Trapani).

Week end Course Program

  • Fundamental notions about safety on board;
  • basic knots (1st step);
  • essential nomenclature;
  • Fundamental notions: windward/downwind, to haul up, to bear up;
  • Fundamental notions: point of sailing, rights of way;
  • Sail regulation basing on the point of sailing;
  • To tack in bow and stern points of sailing;
  • To change tack, and to gybe;
  • Trim during navigation and manoeuvre;
  • Short notices of sail physics;
  • Knowledge of board equipement;
  • General criterions;
  • How to use lines, propeller, and rudder with still boat;
  • Man overboard salvage;
  • Boat and equipement care.

Weekly Course

  • Boarding and landing in Palermo (from saturday at 17:00 to saturday at 9:00);
  • Navigation area: Palermo, Trapani, Egadi Islands, to revive the places, the sea, and the wind of the Louis Vuitton Cup.

Weekly Course Program
In addition to the notions/activities of the week end course:

  • Basic knots (2nd step);
  • Reduction of sails;
  • Tacking in lying;
  • Taking of buoy;
  • Mooring in quay;
  • Navigation under blast;
  • Use of gennaker;
  • Road stead anchorage;
  • Short notices of meteorology, and about how to interpret the weather report;
  • Reckoning of the turning point;
  • Right and left propeller;
  • Solitary mooring;
  • Sailing from the quay;
  • Narrow waters manoeuvres;
  • Navigation planning;
  • Course choice;
  • No stop navigation;
  • Sail chice;
  • Safety during navigation;
  • Turns management;
  • Daily and nightly signalling;
  • Life on board organization;
  • Common damages solutions;
  • Boat and equipement care.

Number of participating

  • Minimum: 6 persons;
  • Maximum: 8 persons;
  • The activation of the course depends on the achievement of the minimum number of participants;
  • Our courses are only for majors.

Our staff will make you taste the delightful traditional dishes of sicilian tradition, in particular fish dishes together with our famous wines.
Enjoy our delightful dishes is an essential part of the cruise.

Personal essential equipment

  • Shoes, jacket, boat glove;
  • Cap;
  • Sweatshirt;
  • Oilskin;
  • Unbulky and unrigid bag or rucksack.

Boat Equipment

  • Sheets and blankets;
  • Complete towel set;
  • Complete crockery and tablecloth set;
  • Sleeping bag.

Accomodation on board

  • Two double cabin on the stern (one bathroom on the stern);
  • Two double cabin on the bow (one bathroom on the bow).


  • Hot water boiler;
  • Heating and fans;
  • Generating set;
  • TV color LCD and DVD player;
  • CD Hi-Fi system with MP3 reader;
  • Complete kitchen with oven;
  • Two electric refrigerators;
  • Microwave oven.

Instruments complete of:

  • Echo-sounder;
  • Wind station;
  • Automatic pilot;
  • Max relay station;
  • VHF;
  • GPS with Plotter;
  • Weather station.

Sails and equipment

  • Rollable genoa;
  • Fullbatten gaff-sail on trolley;
  • Lazy Jack;
  • Rollable Gennaker;
  • Battery complete of stopper;
  • Winch;
  • Two for the halyards, one of which is electric;
  • Two for the genoa;
  • Two for the gaff-sail + trolley;
  • Harken equipement.

Technological support

  • Monitor PC;
  • Monitor TV;
  • Video camera to shoot the manoeuvres on board and then watch them during the instruction phase.

Teaching equipment

  • Deep sailing handbook;
  • Writing material.

Luis Vuitton Cup in Trapani

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